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Discreet Orthodontic Options

We’re all about providing the most current treatment methods for our patients. Whether you’ve been living with crooked teeth your whole life or your teeth have shifted over time, we’re happy to offer invisible and short-term orthodontic options. If you’re looking for a certified Invisalign provider or Six Month Smiles provider in Clemmons, we can provide all your orthodontic needs from the comfort of your dental home.

“The whole ‘transformation’ of my new smile was most amazing. This is coming from a lady who is terrified of going to the dentist. The whole staff made me feel at ease. I get so many compliments on my new smile. I owe it all to Kingery & Kingery! Thank you all for your encouragement!” – Donna


Straighten your smile quickly and invisibly, without metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign is the world’s original and most advanced clear aligner system, and we can complete your entire treatment comfortably and conveniently at your regular dental office. There’s no need to find an orthodontist in Clemmons, we’ve got you covered!

Invisalign can correct most alignment and bite issues—overbite, underbite, cross bite, crowding, gapping—with the exception of movement along the vertical axis. Advanced materials make aligners more comfortable and easier to insert and remove, plus, weekly aligner changes (depending on your treatment plan) make for average treatment times of only one year!

Six Month Smiles®

Straighten your smile in six months with discreet braces from Six Month Smiles.

If metallic braces and multiple-year treatment plans have kept you from pursuing a straighter smile, we’ve got good news for you. It’s called Six Month Smiles! Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to blend in with your natural smile.

If six months sounds too good to be true, get this—by focusing on the teeth that show when you smile rather than full alignment and bite correction, we’re able to achieve dramatic aesthetic results with average treatment times of only six months. If you have an important life event coming up, or you just want a straight smile—like… now!—you may be the perfect candidate.

Ready to get started?

Contact your Clemmons dentists, Drs. Kingery and Kingery today to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to offer flexible financing options to help you work orthodontics into your budget.

Our doctors are general dentists providing orthodontic services.

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